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SUP sail Jobe Aero Venta 3.5m2

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Very practical, this sail allows you to transform your Mohaka paddle into a windsurfing board!

Turn your Mohaka Stand Up Paddle board into a fantastic windsurfing board with the Venta 3.5m2 sail and let the wind do the work for you! This sail has been designed for beginner and intermediate windsurfers/paddlers to improve their skills. Thanks to its light weight, this sail is very easy to use on and around the water. With a surface area of 3.5m2, a mast of 316 centimetres and a boom of 140 centimetres, this sail is the perfect complement to your Mohaka 10.2 stand up paddle board. The pack contains a mast, mast extension, mast base, lift cord and boom.

  • Age range: 9 years and up
  • Includes: mast, mast extension, mast base, watch puller, boom
  • Mast: 316cm, luff 316 cm, boom: 140 cm
  • Sail area: 3.5m2


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